Lights In The Sky

Last weekend, my husband and I flew out to Arizona to go to a lantern festival. The event was hosted by The Lanternfest. They have the same event, across the U.S., throughout the year. Since Arizona is the closest to us, we decided to buy tickets for that location. We got our tickets through Groupon and got them for a good deal. Flight tickets weren’t too bad either. We’ve been wanting to go to one of these festivals for awhile now so I made sure to look at the Lanternfest’s schedule in the beginning of the year, so we wouldn’t miss out. The festival was in Queen Creek and was from 2 PM – 7 PM. We arrived closer to 3 PM and checked in. After checking in, we pretty much hung out and people watched. There was a band playing throughout the event. There were also a ton of food trucks, as well as a beer and wine garden. We packed our own food, which saved us some money. However, I couldn’t resist the ice cream truck! When the sun started to set, the torches and fire pits were lit. Our entrance tickets came with a smores kit, so we were able to make our smores at that time. When the sun finally set, we were given the green light to light our lanterns!! There were thousands of lanterns in the sky and it looked so beautiful. I was in complete awe! This festival happens every year in the U.S. so, if you ever get the chance, please go to one! It is such a cool experience!



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