Oakland Zoo

Back in October, my work volunteered at the Oakland Zoo and we all got free tickets to the zoo for next time. So, I took my husband to the zoo the week after! The weather was perfect and it was an overall fun day. I really like the layout of this zoo. It was easy to navigate around and the animals were so entertaining to watch. We enjoyed watching the baboons the most. They were so interesting. In Illinois, the monkeys are usually kept inside a building at zoos due to the weather and so it always smells so bad to walk through their exhibits. However, it was a nice change to enjoy monkeys in their own habitat outdoors because we were able to sit and watch them without having to worry about the smell.

The giraffes’ exhibit was my favorite. It was so pretty!



This hut reminded me of The Lord of the Rings and so I had to take a photo of it.


We took a ride on the Sky Ride too. It was so relaxing and we enjoyed the views of the Bay as well as the animal exhibits from up there.



We also got to watch feeding time at the alligator exhibit. I was surprised they only fed them a couple tiny fish. I didn’t realize they ate so little.


The elephant exhibit had the good views for sure!


Our free ticket also included a few ride on the train. We got to get up close with the emus. It was pretty cool!


I highly recommend this place! We had a great time!



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