Afternoon Tea – The Orangery

Yes, another afternoon tea post!!! During our last trip to London, I made reservations at The Orangery for afternoon tea. I had never experienced “afternoon tea” before and figured it would be fun to add to our itinerary. I looked up a few places in London to see our options and eventually booked The Orangery. The Orangery is situated next to Kensington Palace. They offer outdoor seating, however, it was a bit cold the day we went, so we sat inside. The decor wasn’t the typical decor I expected at a tearoom. It is more restaurant-styled, but with elegant decor. The huge windows brought in a lot of natural light.

The food and service were great! I really enjoyed my tea. I also can recognize The Orangery plates whenever I see it online or on Instagram. They are so pretty! Overall, having afternoon tea at The Orangery made me want to discover more tearooms and experience more afternoon tea sessions! Hence, all the tearooms I’ve visited and shared recently. If you are ever in London, check out the Orangery for good ambiance and tea! I definitely won’t forget the place I went to for my first “afternoon tea” experience!




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