A Day In Delphi

Ever since my classic mythology class during freshman year of college, I’ve always wanted to go to Greece. The stories, the history, and the culture intrigued me. We only had a week in Greece and I knew that wasn’t enough time to see all the places I wanted to see. It was very hard narrowing down our list of places to visit, but I didn’t have much of choice. Fortunately, Delphi made the list and we were able to spend a day there.

I remember reading the stories of the oracle at Delphi and how the site was thought to be the center of the world. The site is situated in such a scenic spot, overlooking a beautiful valley. Our tour guide told us that people in the past would arrive at the port and walk from the bottom of the mountain all the way to the top to speak to the oracle. Pretty crazy. While at the site, we were able to see remnants of the Temple of Apollo, the stadium, and the theater.

After wandering around the site, our tour guide met us at the museum. I am not a huge museum person, but there were some neat looking items in there. We also got the chance to stop by Arachova on the way back to Athens. It’s a cute little town that I wish we had more time in, but that’s typical of guided tours. Overall, I’m glad we were able to squeeze in Delphi during our Greece trip!



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