Packing For A Long Trip With A Carry On

My husband and I have a trip coming up and the goal is to pack nine days worth of my outfits into a carry-on luggage. I was able to do it with packing cubes from Eagle Creek.

“It always seems impossible until it is done.” – Unknown

This carry-on luggage is from Amazon and is about $80 bucks. It also expands, which is a plus!


These Eagle Creek packing cubes work very well! This was my first time using them and I am impressed. I bought the starter set from Amazon. These could also be found at the Container Store.

I could fit five pairs of jeans in this half cube, but I only needed to pack four since the 5th pair was part of my plane outfit.

For my packing envelope, I was able to pack all of my tops including three maxi skirts and a maxi dress. I decided not to include the jean jacket as it was too thick. The packing envelope also comes with a helpful folding board.

I used my smaller cube for all of my other clothing items.

This is everything minus the packing envelope. It all fits perfectly into this carry-on.

This is how it looks like with the packing envelope on top. As you can see, I still have room on the other side for toiletry and shoes. 

These are all of our packing cubes. My husband owns the black set.

Overall, I love how much these packing cubes keep our clothing items organized. It makes packing for a long trip so much easier!



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  1. May 19, 2015 / 2:42 am

    Packing is always a hassle! But it’s also one of the most exciting parts before a trip!

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